We keep adding balls, orbs, spheres, bubbles and round objects to the site. Mail us if you know any we don’t have yet.

Balls of the Month: Christmas Balls

Christmas tree decoration balls are made of glass, plastic or satin. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Plastic balls are cheaper and less fragile, but they can’t compete with the “real” glass ornaments. Why DO we decorate our Christmas trees with balls? Read more about it here!

Tips: Got used balls? Click here for our recycling tips.

Meanwhile, check out Clays’ Ball Collection

Clay, a collector in South (Miami) Beach, Florida, USA started out with a small ball collection, but between gifts from his family and guests bringing new ones, it has grown quite out of control!

Balls wanted!

A collector asked us to look out for 6-colored textured vinyl 24 inch beach balls as manufactured by “Poolmaster” in the eighties and nineties. If you have any idea where to get them then please mail us.

A visitor has a small old box of mineral ivory shake balls which are small black flattened balls, each with a number on them. He has the original box they came in (from his grandparents’ things) but has no idea what they are. Anybody got an idea? Take a look at them right here and let us know.